The story of Clarence, now "Gator," and Night Singer, now "Nina," began 2 1/2 months ago when we adopted them. We drove 6 hours one-way to meet Nina and bring her home, then got back on the road and drove 3 1/2 hours one-way to meet Gator and bring him home. So after traveling a total of 1375 miles in one weekend, our new family was started. We all get along great; Gator and Nina make a great brother and sister and love to play. Everyone loves them both and compliments on how well-behaved they are. I am glad to have met with Gator's fosters; they are very good people and did an exceptional job with him, as they had to teach him everything from the beginning. Gator is now fitting into the household very comfortably. He loves the couch, although it took him a bit to figure it out, falling off a couple of times. Thanks to his foster dad, we have to tuck him in his crate at night (which we love) or he wont stop barking HAHA. Nina has been a sweetheart; she made herself at home pretty quick and loves instigating play with her brother. She's very smart and listens very well, always trying to please us.

We can't thank Coonhound Rescue enough!
Chris Kostal

Page last updated on 2 August 2015