We adopted Jim earlier this year. His story is really the story of Jim AND Katy, our Redbone, because they have been inseparable from the moment we brought Jim home! Jim also formed a strong attachment to his new daddy (Kevin), and we've had to deal with some separation anxiety issues. That's OK, though--Jim is worth it!

Kevin and I own our own business and Jim and Katy hang out at the 'shop' with Kevin all day. They are big dogs; Jim weighs in at about 115-120 now (up from 95 skinny pounds when we adopted him) and Katy is a big Redbone at about 90 pounds. Usually when they're at the shop, they just nap, occasionally working up the energy to greet customers at the door. One day a customer came in, took one look at these big red sprawling hounds, and said, "It looks like an episode of Hee Haw in here!"

One thing that both dogs love to do is run down by the Missouri River (see picture of them yapping it up). It's a long, pretty well deserted road to the river, and we let them out to run and, boy, do they run! They are wicked fast! After a short dip and a long drink, we either head through the woods or run them back down the road. "A tired hound is a good hound," and this is the best way we have found to wear them out. As a result, they are both really fast and super strong! Usually only Katy sleeps in our king-size bed, with Jim hanging out on the floor. But on those times when Jim decides to join us, it's like sharing a bed with a manatee. TWO manatees!

Thanks to you and all those who help with transports. We've decided to foster coonies when we can (we have our first one now--look for "Murphy" on this page) and really admire the commitment that all of you have shown to saving these wonderful dogs. Jim thanks you, too--in his wonderfully deep Bloodhound drawl. :-)


Page last updated on 5 August 2012