It's been about 6 years since I adopted my beloved Lu through you and I wanted to send in his ongoing happily ever after!

In 2018 I was looking for a life companion as I finished my undergraduate degree and got ready for my PhD. When I met "Dallas" I had wanted to rename him "Mo" for Mopey, but I soon learned that with a hound you end up saying "No!" a lot so that didn't work. He is now L.U.M.O., or "Lu" for short. He was totally skin and bones, had severe PTSD and some hidden health problems. He would freeze and go unresponsive out of the blue in the middle of the street sometimes on walks--I would have to carry him home. But from the moment I took him home his love affair with my couch began and he knew he was safe.

Since then, he has reached a healthy weight of 65 pounds, loves his prescription kibble, and gets all the cuddles he could ever want. He loves to cuddle, hold hands, and lean on me whenever we're together. He has gotten so much more confident and comes up to meet people with bravery. He's basically a PhD(og) himself--not only did he attend many advanced chemistry courses, he's so smart he's developed his own language with me. He tells me when it's dinner, when he's impatient for the car to start, and when he demands that I come over and make him into a complete blanket burrito with his favorite fuzzy blankets. He also tells me when he completely understands what I'm asking him to do and he isn't interested in doing it :)

When I got Lu he was only 2-3 years old, and today he had his first "senior" check up at the vet. They think he's about 9 and no sign of slowing down. He's living in the lap of luxury, keeping me on my toes with mischief and comedy every day.

Rachel Alvelais

Page last updated on 21 January 2024