Just wanted to update you on our new puppy. We adopted Dash Rip Rock 3 weeks ago, and have loved him since first sight. He now goes by Huck. Huck adjusted to his new home, our home, very quickly. At first, he was very upset when we would leave him and very attached when we would come home. Now, he has settled into a routine and is doing very well. Huck is cratetrained, housetrained (except for an occasional accident), and learns new tricks everyday. Our boy is very motivated by food, so training him is very easy with treats. He can sit, shake, and get down--we are working on roll over.

Huck LOVES his sister Leigan, a four-year-old lab. Maybe a little too much! Leigan loves him back, but still gets annoyed by her baby brother's antics sometimes. Our little guy is such a cuddler and thinks he owns the couch. He also has graduated to sleeping in bed with Mom, Dad, AND Leigan, since he is staying dry and sleeping through the night.

Needless to say, Huck has been such a joy and we are grateful to have him in our family. Thanks so much to ABTCR for our little boy.

Zac, Miranda, Leigan, and Huck Cole

Page last updated on 22 March 2013