This story starts in January with the loss of our wonderful 9 year old mixed breed dog Roo. With a heavy spirit and great weight upon my heart the discussion opened up for the possibility of a new dog. A little more than a month later I discovered the Coonhound Rescue website and saw a picture of Diana (February 2011) and the rest is history. Something made the connection for me as my soul filled to THAT dog. With the help of Catherine and Jayne and the great folks at PETS, Diana was moved from Florida to western Maryland to meet her new Mom and Dad. We met Diana at 1:00 in the morning with the PETS transport delivery. She was under weight, had bad skin and fur and walked very low to the ground. She became part of our household and our lives in a matter of hours and has never had an accident in the house. Her personality, health, skin and fur improved within a very short time and the weight started to add on. She can mostly be seen sleeping which seems to be the life’s joy for coonhounds. Hartley spends her evenings with us, her Mom and Dad, and her days at her Grandparents house. She gets dropped off and picked up daily. She never spends any time alone. She rules the roost at both of her homes. Hartley went from being a homeless dog to owning two homes, the American Dream. She likes the water in the heat of summer and wears a coat in the cool of winter. She entertains herself and plays with her toys and entertains us with her antics. Our hearts now and forever more will belong to the awesome coon hound and especially to our special girl, Hartley Hart the Hound.

Forever blessed as owners of a Black and Tan Coonhound,
Leslie and Rick Hart of Hagerstown, MD

Page last updated on 24 November 2012