Here are two recent pictures of Copper, formerly "Dingo." He is quite the hound. Over the past month, we have been slammed by snow- 30 inches in one snow fall. He likes to play mountain goat on the big mounds of snow. He stands on top of the snow and surveys the landscape and barks.

He is on the small side around 45lbs. I think he is more Treeing Walker than anything. And he may have German Shepherd in him. He definitely has the hound instincts and loves to bark. He loves to play with his best friend, the chocolate lab puppy, next door. They will go over to one another's house and bark for the other one to come out and play. Copper and my cattle dog get along great and do play together, but Copper and the lab are inseparable. I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but they are holding my husband's boot in their mouths. They stole it out of the garage and went running around the yard. It is hard to tell but the lab weighs about 80lbs and Copper only about 45lbs though they are close in height. They have so much fun together.

Copper loves to sleep in our bed. While I do crate him when we leave the house, he has slept in our bed since he was 9/10 weeks old. In fact, he gets under the covers between us when he gets cold. I sometimes find him on my pillow cuddled next to me. I joke that I am going to buy him one of those dog snuggies. He seems fine when he is outside and around the house. However, he loves to be super snuggy at night.

Anyway, thanks again for getting him to me. He is such a wonderful dog. I just wish he was bigger! I keep thinking he will grow because his paws are fairly large.


Page last updated on 21 February 2010