It's been over a year since we've sent an update on Harry. I wanted to send another one just to let you know how he is doing. He's fully grown at 65 pounds, and at 1 1/2 years, he's still got some puppy in him. Among his favorite things are: cuddling on the couch, chasing his ball in the yard, digging (a habit we are desperately trying to break), and chasing squirrels and birds.

He is a joy in our lives, a happy, calm, cuddly boy who loves kisses and treats. He is wonderful with other dogs and has a reputation of being a fabulous dog among other owners we know. He is obedient and gentle with any and all he meets. We stopped crating him at one year old. He isn't destructive or anxious at all. He loves swimming and chasing critters. While he isn't trained in treeing or cooning, he has been known to tree a raccoon here and there when let out late at night (something our neighbors have understandably failed to appreciate).

We can't thank you enough for allowing us the pleasure of having such a beautiful, wonderful, happy dog. Harry is what makes coming home the best part of our day.

Jon and Sarah

13 July 2014

Here are some moments of our first week. Harry is doing wonderfully. He is starting to eat his food on a regular schedule and in between naps has become a bundle of energy. He has some puppy phobias that we are working through (garbage barrels and the neighbor's construction next door have proven quite frightful!). All in all, he is so smart and catching on quickly to all the things that earn him treats. Among his favorite things are: snuggling in bed in the morning; chewing his toy duck; pulling his leach off the door knob; frozen carrots; and napping in his crate, surrounded by all the toys he can drag and fit in.


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