Dixie was a stray from Indiana. She went through a series of very bad circumstances in her first 2 ˝ years of life. Jayne removed her from a troubled home about 30 minutes away from us and asked us to foster her over 2 years ago – we fell in love. I initially picked her up - She was dirty, scared, not allowed to go out, forced to “potty” on newspaper and old rugs, and was petrified of belts (no explanation needed). Because of Rescue, her life went from horrible to:

· Loved 24/7, constantly with one of us, even goes to work with us.
· Gained a loving brother and inseparable mate in Gus.
· Always in a climate controlled home, and trust me she loves climate control.
· Has 2 acres of land and woods on which to run, play, poop, and pee.
· Has warm home cooked, all natural meals twice a day and many treats in between.
· Sleeps with her “pack” on or in our bed.
· Is showered, groomed to perfection, brushed teeth.
· No longer afraid.
· And every day seems to bask in the glow of being a really happy dog.

Here are pictures of Dixie in various stages of “digging” into, enjoying, and then sleeping with her Christmas stocking. Also a great one of her bounding through last spring’s snow.

Please remember that Rescue is responsible for HER finding happiness as well as many other dog’s happiness and forever homes.

Our thanks forever,
Tom & Jenny Ginz

Page last updated on 20 January 2012