Sam Dog and I live on a very busy corner in East Biloxi, MS. there are always lots of people walking past his yard and he is the dog celebrity of the neighborhood. Everyone knows his name and gives him ear rubs over the fence as he sings to them and trots alongside. The High School bus stop is on my corner and every morning he goes out to meet the kids and watch as they get on the bus. Several of my neighbors have started coming over to spend time playing with him and they often bring their dogs to rompus in the yard with this giant goofball. He loooooves to play with other dogs and will lay down to wrestle with small dogs and adjust his speed to play chase with the slower ones. Sam is the most well tempered and loving dog I have ever known, just wants to be friends and wrestle a bit! His favorite move is the tail grab so the other dog will chase him. Sam also loves to swim and be in the water, it is definitely his preferred method of cooling off after a good walk or playtime. He has a plastic pool in the yard that he spends lots of time just soaking in! We go to the Mississippi Sound and he tries to catch sea birds while bounding through the water like a sea monster. Never gets them but the fun is in the chase for him! He also goes to the river to chase mullet and paddleboard. He loves to be shuttled around on the paddleboard while dragging his tail off one side and his face off the other. One of the most enduring things about Sam is his love of a good snuggle! He likes to sit in your lap or if on the couch lay on you with his head on your chest and have a good relaxing ear rub. In the morning he is allowed on the bed to have his morning snuggles and sing about his dreams.

Sam Dog is a very special coonie and is an ambassadog for the breed making friends wherever he goes!
I love him so much and can't thank ABTCR and his foster family enough for helping me find him!


Page last updated on 29 June 2015