We adopted Remi-Roo 9 months ago. She has been a great addition to our family. We are in Long Island, NY and Remi came to us on the coldest day on Feb 15, 2016. Many thanks to the transportation company that brought Remi all the way up to us. Also many thanks to the foster family that had her :) We are having fun finding out her likes and dislikes. Of course she loves Bar B Que and Sunday family breakfast. She loves to go to the dog park with Daddy 2-3 times weekly. She enjoys her road trips out to the Hamptons to the beach house, walking up along the bay. She has issues with the mailman, landscapers and any delivery people that happen to walk by our door. But, she does keep her watchful eye on our home in our windowsill. She has super laser vision, super hearing and super scent that can detect any squirrel or stray cat in a 5 mile radius.

Our cardio is up 100% with Remi. She has a bark that I call "Lose your mind" and you need to get to her fast. My community has been so great with Remi and her barking. They all really seem to love her and enjoy her as well, for that I am thankful. She is so sweet. Remi loves to be involved in everything. She loves to gut out every toy that has been given to her. She is a vivacious digger, trying to make her way to the center of the earth. Although she does not like to "snuggle" she loves soft beds, no matter who's it is and she is a great sleeper. Every little scratch and rub while she sleeps causes her to make a long moan, which definitely shows how much she is enjoying her new home. She loves to rip the blankets off the line and make her own little bed outside, no matter if it's clean or dirty. Remi unfortunately just lost a sister, Brie the Bichon, to cancer. With having one less sister to play with, she turns to every shoe she can steal from under the tables or out of Mommy and Daddy's closet. She also has taken her sadness out through 7 remotes, 2 xbox headsets, 2 comforters and part of an end table.

Thank you again to all involved for the wonderful jobs you do to help these dogs. We love her to death and when we next update her, I will make her snuggle :)

The Zimmerman Family

Page last updated on 4 December 2016