Ronix is still doing great! He was diagnosed with a right adrenal mass in early 2019 and is still thriving and we are always monitoring it and his health. He still enjoys the relaxed life such as sleeping on the couch, going for walks, plays with his siblings and toys, rubbing his face on the cushions and gets his daily back scratches slow walking under the bushes in the backyard, just enough for the branches and leaves to graze his back. He’s really such a handsome boy and is so loving and gentle. He’s got the biggest character and is enjoying all the attention with me being home all the time with what’s going on in the country. He’s been with me for over 10 years now and I am so thankful we gave him another chance at life. He has a special place in my heart and look forward to more years with him.

Amanda and Ronix

18 April 2020

Holiday Greetings from Ronix (formerly Eddy Arnold)! He loves his Christmas jammies and is still thriving, though he’s a little slower and a little more gray...he’s still a puppy at heart! He swims during the summer in my pool, lays on the couch curled up in a ball for about 22 hours a day with the exception for breakfast and dinner and when he demands to go potty, which he also wakes me up at 1:00am every morning to go outside! Late 2017 he had an oral lip melanoma surgically removed which had clean margins, and is otherwise in great health! He loves playing with his brothers and sister and truly is such a sweetheart! He’s about 12 now, but I believe he still has a few more years ahead of him the rate he’s going!

Happy Holidays to all and hope 2019 is a great one!
Amanda and Ronix

10 January 2019

It has been a few years since my last update on Roni. I adopted him 7 years ago this summer, and he has quite the life. He's brought so much laughter to my life, and I just love him so much. He is very content just laying on the couch all day, with the occasional potty break and will only get up when it's time to eat...typical hound! He still enjoys swimming in my pool, and recently has a new trick of squeezing into my laundry room when I leave the door open and getting into the dog food container and doing to town! He has had 2 food bloats within the last 6 months, but thankfully as an emergency veterinary technician, I just rush him to my workplace and we induce vomiting. I think that Roni is pushing 9 or 10 years old now, though he hides his age well. Not a bit of a frosty face or any lag in his energery level. I recently brought him into my work for a basic Senior Profile, and our Internal Medicine Specialist did a scan over him with the ultrasound and unfortunately found a splenic mass(mass on his spleen). Thankfully it does not look large in size and is not bleeding, which left untreated can be fatal. Due to the fact that is could be cancerous because of his older age, I am not taking any risks by just monitoring it, so I will be taking him into surgery at my work for a splenectomy plus gastropexy and sending the spleen out for a biopsy. I am so fortunate to work in the emergency veterinary field and able to do this costly surgery and give him the best quality care. I am staying optimistic and it looks promising because dogs can live healthy regular lives without their spleens, what a waste of space! Lol. I will post another update following his surgery. Otherwise, he's a healthy hardy guy. I cannot imagine my life without a coonhound in it now and I look forward to many more healthy happy years with Roni, giving him the best life he's had.

Amanda and "Roni"

20 March 2016

I just wanted to give an update on "Ronix" formerly "Eddy Arnold" since its been such long time. He's doing great! Since moving back into my parents' house, I cannot keep him out of the pool! He just LOVES the water so much. I find him either outside basking in the sun, or curled up on the couch. He brings so much joy and laughter to my life. As all coonhound, he still loves to beg, eat and sleep, and still occasionally has nightmares of his previous life as I call them, where he just barks out in terror...poor baby! He also enjoys playing with his pitty brother "Kona" and newest foster addition "Dilly the Demodex Pitty!" During Super Bowl I made some deep fried pickles, and boy did he love standing next to me biting up the smoke from the deep fryer. I had posted a video on FB of him, and it was quite the hit! Overall he is doing fantastic, despite being 7-ish now, he is still full of spunk and likes to run around the house and backyard like a mad man.

I cannot thank AB&TCR enough for all the hard work they do and saving lives of this gently loving breed. Keep up the great work!


8 August 2013

Ronix just wanted to say “woof” to all his coonhound friends at AB&TCR!!! He’s adjusted so well to our new home, thanks to the help of his brothers Tonka and Bongo. My husband is finally home from Afghanistan safely, and Ronix is just so happy. He enjoys sitting outside on the warm nights while my husband smokes a cigar. Our next adventure is to bring him out on our wakeboard boat before summer is over!

We go hiking for about an hour and a half up in the hills behind our house with his 7 mo Great Dane girlfriend, Jade. He loves being out there on the long line, and chasing the wild turkeys and tracking any little rodent that runs across his path. I thought that a 1-2 hour hike would tire him out, but he’s just a trooper up there. He really shows the stamina the coonhounds have.

I was walking him around the base we live on a few weeks ago, and we happened to pass a storm drain/gutter. Of course, he had to stop and stick his head down the drain. I tried pulling him away and he’d just bay and bay and bay and bark. Must have picked up on a coon scent. His evening crazies are still a regular event, and the grunts he adds in makes it that much more funny. We’ve discovered that he has a “Roni Dance” that we’re going to videotape and send to America’s Funniest Home Videos sometime soon.

He wont go anywhere without his round pillow bed. Where ever the bed is, you sure bet he’s on it. He’ll run and jump 3 feet up in the air and land on it, turn around in about 10 circles then lie down and take a nap. He’s discovered that our popcorn machine is the most amazing discovery yet and he’ll stare and cock his head while it pops, and of course try to get a good whiff and “air lick” of the popcorn butter. She also finds that there are many other good comfy places to hang out, like under our dining room table, or on the coffee table. He’s such an awesome dog, and we’re so happy we have him. He’s brought so many good times and laughs to our home, and I know that Tonka and Bongo enjoy rough housing and playing chase with him. All is well over here, and we hope to see more coonies in good loving California homes! =)

Amanda, Bongo, Tonka and Ronix, and Noah

11 September 2010

Isn't it supposed to be warm in California??

Much better!

Wow! It has been exactly 1 year since my husband and I adopted Ronix, formerly Eddy Arnold. We made the adoption date his birthday too, so he is 3!!! We went to the local pet store and bout almost $100 worth of toys. He picked them out, and carried his favorite one from the pet store, through the parking lot to my truck, carried it into my truck (I have to pick him up since it’s lifted), and carried it out of my truck and to the front door of our house. Sooo funny! Though he’s 3, I think he thinks he is only 4 months old, he is still so puppy-like, bounds every where, runs like a leaping gazelle, still thinks toes are chew toys (then it tickles!) and does the whole batting with his front legs.

I moved into our new house on the military base, since my husband is still in Afghanistan. Roni was perfect and adjusted great! He didn’t go potty for 1 whole hour when I first brought him into his new home, then, he marked his territory. No worries though!

He couldn’t quite figure out the stairs, but eventually got the idea. When he comes down them, he jumps to the ground from the 6th stair. Its so funny because he just flies and you can tell he enjoys it. He still also has his evening crazies where he runs around like a mad man and grunts. He is pretty good about entertaining himself, too, with his toys. Sometimes he even gets ahead of his body and tips over. He’s such a goof; just like Salem first told us before we even met our Roni Macaroni.

Every morning we go for about a 30-45 minute walk around the base. Its not your typical base, it located in the hills so there is lots of wild grass and wildlife. Occasional coyotes, and raccoons (hmmm…I wonder if he’d go after them or bay if he saw one), and tons of ground squirrels and jack rabbits also. Whoever had Roni first was a moron to think he wasn’t a good hunting dog. Maybe his hunting skills weren’t upu to par, but his tracking skills are unbelievable. I took him for a walk the other night, and I saw a jack rabbit or possibly a coyote take off, though Roni didn’t see it. We continued walking a step or 2 and Ronix did a complete 180 and followed that smell every step of its path. I’ve never felt his pure strength until then; good thing he had a harness on or he would have chocked himself out. But he followed the scent every where, he made zigs, zags and circles until I coaxed him away.

He’s quite popular at the local pet stores, I think because no one has seen a coonhound in the San Francisco Bay area before. I get a lot of people thinking he is a rottie or a dobe mix…even an Army guy driving by us on our walk stopped and asked if he was a Rottie/Hound mix, and of course I correct every person that doesn’t get it right, he’s a Black and Tan COONHOUND folks! He needs a custom bandana to wear that says, “I’m a coonhound ya’ll!” Maybe I’ll have to make one! If he got a dollar for every time someone said how handsome or what a good looking dog he is, I think we could make a serious dent in the national debt…haha! But if I can get the name of his breed out to people, maybe people will remember it and Google it and come across AB&TCR’s website and have a good heart and adopt one. My husband already has one of the guy’s he’s working with in Afghanistan interested in adopting one when he gets back from his tour.

He’s really an amazing dog. When we first got him, he was very unsettled and unsure of my husband. He didn’t really have any personality other that what was formed in his earlier life before us, and even that wasn’t much. Today, you wouldn’t believe that he is the same dog. He is such a love bug, and adores my friend’s 2 small kids (3 & 1). We crossed paths with a mom and her toddler in a jogger, and she had to come see him, and he went right up to the kid and gave coonie kissies! He follows me everywhere I go, and will just sit there with his chin on my lap and is very loyal. Sometimes he gives me the look as if he is saying thank you for saving him. His manners have improved drastically as well. He has mastered sit, shake, and down, “no”, and is pretty good at come if he is in the house or on a leash…I don’t even want to try testing him off a leash. Before if you’d give him a treat he’d take your hand off, now anyone can give him a treat by simply saying “easy” and he gently takes the treat from you. He has got the daily routine down, and is very smart about voice commands, such as “bedtime, go to your room” and such.

He is truly truly a great dog, and his prior owner(s) really missed out on a great companion. I can write on and on, pages, and pages about Ronix, but I’ll save that for future updates! =) Many thanks to everyone who rescues, fosters and rehabilitates these great dogs. Keep up the wonderful work. One day…there won't be any homeless animals….one day.

Amanda, Bongo, Tonka and Ronix, and Noah (from overseas)

11 June 2010

Ronix is loving the California lifestyle now that its warming up here in Northern California (yes, that's his ear in the pool) Happy Spring! Woof!

Amanda, Noah, Bongo, Tonka & Ronix

21 March 2010

It has been exactly 6 months now that my husband and I drove across the country to rescue Ronix. He is doing super fabulous and has gotten REALLY comfortable with his settings now. We go to the dog park just about every day for about 2 hours and he loves all of his friends there....even the people friends with food (quite the begger). He has become quite the curious one lately though. He got into a bag of peppermint saltwater taffy we had up high. I think he figured he didn't like them or it was too much effort to get to the actual candy because barely any were eaten. It was just a huge melted mess, and he had pieces of the taffy stuck to his ears, I wish I had a picture. A few weeks ago, he decided he'd jump up on the crates and see if he could look outside my bedroom window, and managed to get himself stuck IN the blinds, and of course he just stood there completely dumbfound of how to get out.

He has gotten used to the sound of my diesel truck when I get home. When I pull into the driveway and get out, I hear him howling, and of course his 2 brothers add to the choir of howling doggies. It is hilarious. And all 3 of them stop dead when I walk in. I think maybe he's gotten very attached to me, because he hates it when I leave.

We had part of our K9 christmas already before my husband left, and Ronix loved opening up his present, and my husband's presents, and was quite the helper with tearing the wrapping paper and boxes apart.

My husband has left for Afghanistan for 6 months, so I know Roni will definitely miss him as well, but he is really good at keeping me happy and comforted. I think he picks up when I am sad because he just climbs into my lap, all 70lbs of him, and just wants me to hold him. He has been such a good dog and a great entertainer. We couldn't ask for anything else out of him. I have engrained into my husband's head, that we will for as long as he and I live continue to adopt coonhounds and give them better lives.

Happy Holidays from Amanda, Noah, Bongo, Tonka & Ronix

11 December 2009

Ronix & Us (similar to Marley & Me..read below why!)

Well, it has been about a month now since Eddy Arnold, now Ronix, has been adopted. And let me tell you, this boy never fails to make us laugh. I don’t know where my words can start with Roni. He is now living a California life and loving every bit of it!

Prior to getting him, his foster mom suggested maybe we fly him from Tennessee to the Bay Area. I told my husband I’d feel sooooo horrible putting a dog into cargo for about 8 hours. So, he and I decided we’d drive from California to the very northeast part of Tennessee….all in a week! We were very fortunate enough to stop in beautiful Yellowstone National Park on the way, so I cannot complain about that. From Yellowstone, we b-lined it to Tennessee, yup, 42 hours of straight driving. We met Eddy at a La Quinta hotel in Tennessee. He was so calm and docile, and laid with my husband on his new doggie bed in the parking lot for a bit. After lots of good-byes, we brought him inside…and the first thing he did was pee in the lobby. Silly boy! He had NO clue what a bed was, so he slept in his crate the first night. The next morning while my husband was putting all the stuff in the truck, I helped him figure out what a human bed was. They gave us a 2 bed room, so after figuring out what a bed was, Roni had a BLAST jumping from one bed to another…not down and up to another, but jumping over the gap between the beds. He found this so entertaining that he went “mental” and ran around as fast as he could, up onto one bed, jumped over to the 2nd and down and back around again, I’d say for about 5 minutes. You could tell he was just soooooo happy!

From Tennessee, we booked it all the way to Albuquerque, NM where my husband's family is from. Before we left for New Mexico, we stopped at a local Midas to get an oil change. They LOVED Roni there. He just chilled on the shop room floor while the guys were working on the cars. It was so cute! They wanted to keep him. We also stopped at a local Petsmart to pick up some toys and bones to keep him occupied for the ride back to California. Everyone inside Petsmart just commented on how beautiful he was and said, “that’s a good lookin’ coonhound!” Not to mention his swagger he has when we trots around adds to his beauty! =)

Now, on the way home, he obviously has to go bathroom, and boy did he let us know. He started baying and howling, so we’d pull over at the next gas station and let him out on the long lead. We then discovered, he only goes #2 ON bushes. He wiggles his little booty on top of a bush and does his duty….not grass, bushes.

We eventually made it back to California a week later from the date we originally left. We introduced Roni to his brothers, Bongo and Tonka, on neutral ground, and they did fine. Bongo was a little bit unsure at first, but I think its because he’s a little scaredy cat!

Now this is where all the fun begins. Ronix is a B & T version of Marley from Marley & Me. Not AS destructive, but definitely thinks that pillows, sandals, tennis shoes, my $200 pairs of UGG boots, TV controls, Tonka’s ears, Tonka’s legs, scarves and so many more things are the most amusing things to play with. He does thankfully like playing tug-of-war with his brothers with the ropes, and LOVES his kong toys. Him and Tonka steal each others toys. Its so funny. The other day, Tonka stole Roni’s rawhide and took off outside with it. Roni thought that wasn’t fair, so he stole Tonka’s “indestructible” gigantic rubber-plastic bone and took off with it inside. Speaking of inside, Ronix has found the luxury and comforts of being inside. He now loves being on the couch, and watching TV. Yes, he watches TV and especially pays extra attention if he hears a dog barking or doggie noises on the TV and cocks his head. He loves it inside so much, I have to sometimes pick him up and place him outside in order for him to go outside so he can go potty.

But when Ronix is outside, you better believe ALL is energy comes out. He has blossomed into such a different dog. He was very docile when we first got him, but now he’s just loving his life. He runs around the backyard like a mad man, and wont stop. Of course, Tonka is usually there to chase him until he poops out. Every night before it gets dark, my husband and I make it a ritual to run around with him. Roni loves chasing people. We go around and around and around in circles around the pool. There's an occasional fall in when he gets too speedy around the turns, but he gets himself out. His brother Bongo loves going into the pool. He’s like one of those labs that run and then jump for length in those competitions. Roni must get worried that Bongo jumps in the pool after my husband and I because Roni attempt to “gently” place his paws in the water, but eventually goes ker-plop in the water…completely underwater too sometimes. When he does go into the water, its not a jump, he sort of dives in! =) We’re definitely going to get him a life vest because it seems to happen quite often. Thankfully its only when we’re in the pool, so we can guide him to the stairs.

Today, my husband was running around the pool with him, and they usually both stop half way so they are across the pool from each other. Roni of course lets out his hound dog bark until my husband starts running again. Well today I was watching them, all comfy in my sweatpants and a t-shirt, and Ronix somehow thought that he could jump across the pool (mind you the pool cover was on), well, he jump/fell into the pool onto the pool cover, and I freaked out because I thought he was going to get stuck or something, and I jumped in with my clothes fully intact to save him. I lifted him onto the ground and he stood there almost with a huge smile on his face like as if he were saying, “Thanks mom, lets do that again, that was fun!”

To make a long story short, Roni is such a sweet and fun and charismatic dog. We think that he might be a little bit younger than 2-3 because he acts VERY much like a puppy. Bounds everywhere and pounces on everything, and has a lot of “puppy” skin. He’s put on some more weight too since he came to us, maybe a good 5-10 pounds. I am also so amazed that he has no distrust in humans coming from the background he came from. We think that he might have been abused too because sometimes when a loud noise arises, he crunches down and squints his eyes…poor guy. I wonder if he ever remembers his past, because the first few nights he was with us, it was almost like he had doggie nightmares. He’d let out this bloody curdling scream, or a defensive bark-growl, and it’d wake me up, and I’d go check on him right away, and he’s sound asleep snoring. But all in all, he’s such a sweetheart. It kills me to hear all the horrible backgrounds these hound dogs come from and how they are treated like “dogs” and not like children or family members. And on the good note, the lady who first found Ronix when he walked up to her farm completely emaciated said that they found out who his old owners were and they apparently have been prosecuted for animal cruelty and are no longer able to own animals….HOORAY! I just pray that he/she wont move to a different county or city and do the same thing to other animals. But at least Ronix got some justice!

Many thanks go out to everyone at AB&T Coonhound Rescue and all the foster parents of these wonderful creatures. Thank you very much, Salem, for giving our guy another shot at life. Keep up the excellent work everyone and lets give these hound dogs a life that they do deserve.

Best Wishes & Woof!
Amanda, Noah, Bongo, Tonka and Ronix

19 July 2009

Eddy's new family drove from California to Tennessee to meet him and take him home.

1 July 2009