Thank you for our awesome girl that we adopted this past July. Mallory, previously Effie, is a petite red Bloodhound that has come into our lives and completely turned it upside down! Her foster Mom, Lauren, had cratetrained and housetrained her, so all we had to do was show her how to use a dog door which she did in less than 24 hours! She really has no interest in playing with toys at all but has tons of energy, so my husband and I walk/jog with her at least three miles everyday on our river walk. We have both lost weight but she has gained weight in muscle mass and more energy! Your rescue had her spayed and treated for heart worms, so in November when she needed a recheck, she was negative! In fact, we did a full blood work up, x-rays, fecal and urinalysis. Absolutely everything was perfect with just the slightest enlargement of her heart and some damage to her bronchials, both due to the heartworms. But neither give her any problems, so we'll just continue to monitor them through her life.

She is an absolute doll and continues to make us smile and laugh everyday as she takes her rawhide chew roll and throws it in the air, never catching it, but then bats it about like a hockey puck before settling down to saver every inch. We have had so many comments from passers by about how beautiful she is. I believe it comes from all the care and love your group and Terry and I have given to her. It had been three years since our last dog had died of cancer and it took us a great while to move through that pain, so when I found your group on petfinder.com, we both continued to check out your website for the one that just spoke to us! I knew she was ours when Lauren brought her out and she put her head into my chest and then looked up into my eyes and gave me a kiss.

May God continue to bless all of your volunteers and furbabies.

Terry and Cheryl Carr

Page last updated on 26 May 2017