Eiger stole our hearts immediately, laying on my lap in the backseat and getting up to lean over his new dad's shoulder during the 4 hour drive from Virginia to his new home in New Jersey. Eiger has been with us for almost a year now and is such a big part of our family! He brings so much love, kindness, laughter, and movement (the boy loves to walk) into our lives. Eiger loves the outdoors: walks, running through the trails, letting his ears fly in the wind, sniffing everything and watching birds. We bring him to a lot of places with us and he is so well-mannered in public (he saves any slight trouble making for home, haha). Our family, friends and strangers adore him. Once it's nighttime we can tell he is waiting for the whole family to cuddle on the couch and is so happy when we all sit together. I tell everyone he is even sweeter than he is handsome, which is saying a lot!

We are so happy to share our lives with Eiger. We love this sweet hound so much!


Page last updated on 14 May 2024