I can't believe we have had our girl for over a year now. She has come a long way and seems to be continually making progress. Ella has learned that she can trust us which makes her happy to see us when we get home from being out. She does this happy prancing stomping dance (like the food dance) when we open the door, then she cautiously comes over and dances around our legs. She eats slowly now and sometimes Delilah actually finishes a meal before Ella. When she began to eat slower I was really happy because it seemed to show that she had confidence in receiving her next meal and knew that no-one was going to take her food from her. She loves the morning when we start to wake up and she gets her belly rubbed and ears scratched. Sometimes in the morning she also decides she wants to play, which is this really cute thing where she opens her mouth and tosses her head from side to side. Sometimes she even gets her paws involved in this play and ends up sort of upside-down and half on her back.

Ella loves children and other dogs and is still weary of adults. She has made progress though and sometimes will walk up and sniff a stranger on a walk who has tried to pat her, where as in the past she would cower behind my legs. She still has trouble coming in from the back yard sometimes though she is making progress. We used to have to do this ritual of following her around the vegetable garden before she would come to the door, and we had to arrive at the door after her, but now we just have to go onto the porch and let her go to the door. We still have to arrive at the door after her to get her in, but she is improving. Walks are her favorite thing in the world and thunder is her least favorite. We adore her sweet nature and are thankful for her every day.

One of the pictures I attached is from our horrible winter. We had so much snow we ended up needing a new roof because ours was damaged from the weight! Ella enjoyed romping in the snow and burrowed paths all around the yard so that she could still reach all of her favorite spots. You can see how much she is enjoying herself in the picture!


12 August 2011

Christmas Greetings from Ella and her new family. Ella has been improving socially, and even stays downstairs with us sometimes when company comes over now. We adore her and are grateful for her every day. She has a special bond with Tom, though she likes me too. She has taught Delilah how to play and we spy on their back-yard romping from the kitchen windows. Sometimes when she comes in her ears are cold, so we started covering her in blankets on the couch. She loves this routine and will stay there as long as we let her. I think it is the blanket cover that has made her stay there even with company. She likes to be cozy and really loves to snuggle. I have attached a picture of her in her blankets...its just so cute.


26 December 2010