To all the folks at Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue,

It's been about a year and a half since we picked up Ella in Kansas City and she is doing fine. I have been hoping to get better pictures to send but she is camera shy and tries to hide when I get the camera out. We have kept the name Ella as it seems to fit her well. We are so happy to have gotten her from Rescue. She is the sweetest girl and has adapted well to our home. Has some separation issues but we are working on that. We were told by her last foster mom that she is an escape artist and holds true to that description. We went on a 4 day fishing trip and after searching for a good kennel we found one to leave her with. In the recess area she managed to climb a 5 foot chain link fence and make her way inside another fence before she was caught. (We gave instructions not to leave her unsupervised to no avail.) We go for 1&1/2 mile walks every day of good weather and she likes it. She rides well in my truck and likes to go with us everywhere. We have nicknamed her Ella-Bee.

Thanks so much for saving a bloodhound named Ella for us to bring home. Everyone who sees her at the park where we walk likes her ears.

George and Sandy Rapley
St. Louis, MO

Page last updated on 23 November 2008