What do you do when you have a heart dog who has exceeded the average life span for her breed? You start scanning rescues for one that you hope will fit into your family. After a year of searching, I stumbled upon ABTCR. I like the hounds and their floppy ears and goofy ways, so I thought I might find one who would fit into my household. I looked and looked and looked, nearly giving up. Then one day, Elvis appeared. When a picture grabs your heart just like it did for your current dog, you simply know its going to be a fit. His foster mom and I spoke at length about this sweet boy. I decided to give it a try as long as he fit in well with my 14 year old cattle dog. Elvis waltzed into my home, took up residence on my sofa as if hed been there all along. I cannot say enough about how amazing this boy is. Everyone who has seen him says hes handsome and very happy. I have the bruises on my legs from that wagging tail. He has breathed new life into Mollie' shes running into the yard with him, playing with him and tries to keep him in order when he gets a bit unruly. We are currently in a manners class which is a bit of a challenge since he is easily distracted. He is mastering most everything but leashwalking. Its ok though. I get him through these classes with the ultimate goal of getting him into nose work. Maverick is truly a joy and I cant imagine my home without him.

Deborah Murrah

Page last updated on 19 December 2017