Elvis is definitely feeling at home. He is so loveable. He and our other dog, Jade, have become great friends. He is able to go out on his own with the invisible fencing for short periods of time. He doesn't know it, but we keep looking out the window to make sure he's not getting too close to the flags. He has a lot of room to run on our 5 acres. When we are gone, we have crates in the garage and a doggie door to the outside. I feel confident that before long we can leave his crate door open so he can go out as he wishes. We bought another crate for the bedroom, because we realized how much he really enjoys sleeping in it. He even goes in it on his own when the door is open while I'm getting ready for work. He loves riding in the car and going on Saturday errands with us. My sister came to visit with her very small dog and he was curious, but got along fine with him. He will be meeting our 3 year old grandson this weekend.

Accidents have virtually stopped. He's been wanting to bark and chase the horses, but we are working on that and each day gets better. We can tell that he is just so anxious to please. As for the cat, no progress on that challenge as of yet.

We are really enjoying having him in our family.

Page last updated on 8 May 2009