We adopted Emily Ann in June. We wanted a playmate for Jed (our Ridgeback) so I went to the Black and Tan Coonhound site and fell in love with a Black and Tan Bloodhound mix. Emily joined our household and became friends with another adoptee Maxine (formerly Hollywood), a Redbone coonhound also adopted from the Black and Tan site. Emily is quite the handful but she is very loving and tireless playmate for Jed. She loves to sleep in our bed, thankfully we have a king size since Jed also likes to join us on occasion.

Emily is doing very well; she had eye surgery in August to correct an eye lid problem. She didn't like the Elizabethan collar she had to wear, but two weeks (and two collars) later and she was healed and doing well. She still has sad Bloodhound eyes but they are no longer red.

Page last updated on 6 December 2009