Well, it has been some time since we sent an update on the pup formerly known as Emma Rabbit and now called Zradda. She has a multitude of names, including (but not limited to) Boo, Boom Boom, Mooselauke, Chump Monkey, and Gigantour. She has a great personality, smiles a lot, and loves life. She also has a mind of her own sometimes and can be insistent on getting her way. She loves to watch out the window for resident wildlife like Chuckie the woodchuck, cats, chippies (chipmunks)...and even planes in the night sky. She is very observant and is a great watchdog-the UPS man throws packages onto the porch because he does not want to get close to the 105 pound barker. She is a wonderful dog and a great addition to our hound house.

Arthoen & Lorrie

28 June 2010

These pictures were taken on Zradda's first birthday! She is now one year old and weighs in at 93 pounds.It was quite a party, as she had doggie ice cream and many presents. She enjoyed hamming it up for the camera by donning her tiara and multi-colored necklace. Afterwards she went outside to enjoy the outdoors, which she always does. We are so fortunate to have such an affectionate, loving and playful addition to our family....who has a great smile!

Arthoen & Lorrie

26 March 2009

I thought you might want to see Zradda's first holiday pictures. She's quite picturesque! She is at 90lbs and loves the snow!

Arthoen & Lorrie

3 December 2008

It is a beautiful Autumn up here and 'the puppy' is enjoying every bit of it. Here are some pictures of Zradda (formerly known as Emma Rabbit) playing outside at eight months old and 85lbs....and still growing!!!!!!! Originally the veterinarian said she would weigh 65lbs full grown....well, my guess is 95-100lbs by the way she eats!

Arthoen & Lorrie

18 October 2008

Here are some recent pictures of Zradda at five months. At 55lbs. she is quickly approaching 'moose size!' She loves to ride in the car, play stick, ball, and she barks and does not bay! Everyone loves her and when we work, grandma comes over and visits with her.

Arthoen Wolf

27 July 2008

Here are some current pictures of Zradda taken today. A week ago at her last vet visit, she was up to 32 pounds...and I am certain she is still gaining. She loves Blue Buffalo Puppy and now our greyhounds have changed over to the adult food and love it as well. Everyone is getting along just fine, they all play together and walk together. Today she went to the lake and we put on a wool hat prior to going out , just to be silly. She enjoys being around everyone in town and if she grows into her paws, we will have to put an addition on. I will continue to contribute to your organization, as I believe in the work you do and an grateful for the opportunity to share my life with this wonderful being.

Arthoen Wolf

24 June 2008

Here are two pictures of the puppy who is now called Zradda (previously known as Emma). Her new name, roughly translated, means faith, hope and trust. The one of her in the bed is within two days of her arrival. The one in the kitchen is recent. She had her vet check up and she has gained 4 lbs in one week! The other dogs are starting to get used to her and go for walks with her. She is well loved and cared for and a beautiful being..we love her!


20 April 2008