It has now been a year that Emmit has been in our lives. He is healthy and happy, and pretty spoiled. I wanted to send some more pics of how gorgous he and Reba are!

Thanks so much!
Danielle, Morgan, Reba, and Emmit

28 January 2011

After 9 long months of having him, Emmit is now “home”. He actually now knows that this is his home and we are not passing him on to the next one. Poor guy! But he is happy and most important, he is healthy. After many many tests, the vets came up with nothing. He is back to his goofy self and feeling great! Today he is at doggie daycare with Reba. The gentleman that owns it loves them! You don’t see many coonhounds around here so when we walk in, everybodys heads turn. They are amazing together and act like they have known each other since they were pups. Emmit is very attached to Reba and follows her anywhere she goes. Their favorite spot in the house is on top of my daughter on the couch. Every morning he sits on her hoping if he is on her, we cant leave! At first Morgan (my daughter) would yell to me that he is sitting on her, but now, it is a morning ritual. We love him so much! I attached a few pictures for you. Most of them are Emmit and Reba with Morgan, and the other is of Emmit when he was sick. He has his E collar on and the bandages around his legs. But like I said, he is amazing now. He comes with me to do speeches and classes on puppy mills and adoption. He greets everyone and drools on them. One of the nights there were about 1000 people; Emmit stood at the door welcoming every person that came through! I also bring him with me to our low income housing units in town where I work. Emmit has changed many childrens' minds about loving dogs. Most of the children there were afraid of dogs, or had the wrong impression of them, but now when they see Emmit, all of their faces light up. Thanks a million!

Danielle, Morgan, Reba, and Emmit

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