Tess is really doing well. She is so tolerant of Isabella (who at 22 months can require a lot of tolerance) and is very protective of her new 9-week old sister, Adelaide. In fact, Isabella's first word was "Tess" and she follows the dog around all the time and wants to pet her constantly. It is very cute.

Tess is still skittish, and does not like loud noises or sudden moves. And, she really doesn't like it if you stand nearby while she tries to eat. But she is just so sweet and tender-hearted. When she wants loving she starts that low coonhound grunting "purr" until you make eye contact, and then she'll roll over on her side and lift up her leg. Or she'll just drop her head in your lap when she doesn't feel like playing Hard To Get. And she wags her tail a lot now, though admittedly in more of a low sweep than in high metronome fashion.

If Millie was "my" dog, then Tess is truly Michelle's. She follows Michelle around all day, whines when if she leaves, and usually finds a way to lie on Michelle's feet if she is sitting down.

All in all we are so very happy with our redbone, and we just wanted to thank you again for placing her with us.


22 June 2008

Isabella loves Etta (we call her Tess). In fact, Isabella's first word was "Te" -- not momma or dadda. Oh well. She crawls up to Tess, opens her mouth and leans in for kisses. Tess usually complies. Tess seems to be doing much better. She is settling in. Not as skittish as she was, but someone must have really been very unkind to her. She is a sweet dog...

Michelle, George and Isabella

25 May 2007