Just thought I’d give y’all a quick update on Mollie (aka Felicity) – we’ve had her right at a year since she came from Elbert County, GA animal control. She went in last week for her annual vet visit and she was 100% healthy – although she is still a crazy coonhound. She is doing really good and has come a long way in the last year – she is either 0 mph or 100 mph – there isn’t much in between. She LOVES playing with her bloodhound sister and her beagle sister when she’ll play. You could tell she had been shown no affection before we got her so we’ve spent the year trying to show her what love and affection are – she is doing a lot better with letting us love on her now and coming to us for love – which she did not do when she first got her. We’ve only lost about 5 remote controls, some shoes, etc…in the last year – she thinks if it fits in her mouth, that’s where it belongs! So, because of that, she still gets crated most of the time when we are not here although she is gradually getting a little more freedom. I am trying to turn her into my running partner in order to burn some of her energy and some of her calories (she needs to be on a slight diet now). She was having some allergy issues last year but they are not as bad now – although we’re heading into allergy season here in GA so we’ll see if they get bad again now. She still gets along with EVERY dog she meets and has a wonderful personality. She went to the Outer Banks, NC with us back in November and had a good time playing with my mom’s dog, a Catahoula Leopard dog mix. So – every day she becomes a little more affectionate with us. She is a good addition to our family and we have really enjoyed her this year!!

Thanks for what you do for all of the coonhounds!

13 March 2011

Just wanted to let y'all know that Mollie (aka Felicity) got through her heartworm treatment and tested negative today, so she's got a clean bill of health. She's on a diet now - she went from 25 pounds when we got her from the pound to 50 pounds - she needs to lose about 5. She was on steroids for a couple of weeks during the HW treatment and has been on some for allergies. Hopefully we're done with them now and she can be on a diet with our bloodhound - who is on a continuous diet for the last 4 years.

She's a sweet baby and is quite full of personality! All of the neighbors still want her to come play with their dogs because she gets along with all of them. She did a 5k with me back in June for the South Carolina Humane Society - she was the only coonhound there!

We've finally gotten her housetrained - it was easy after she finally figured out the doggie door! I've attached some cute pictures of her. Thanks for all you do for coonhound rescue!!

Kristi Hagood

15 July 2010