I adopted Fenway in April of 2009. He has settled in quite nicely, and was housebroken very easily. Training is still progressing, and he knows quite a few commands now, although he understands “Speak” a lot better than “Quiet.” He does well on leash and loves to go to the park.

Fenway gets a lot of exercise now, mostly by pulling my skateboard around the block (we got a pulling harness for him). Fenway loves to go for runs in the evening when it’s not so hot outside. Fenway also loves to go for road trips and stick his head out the window or sleep in the backseat. He particularly liked seeing the mountains and snow for the first time. Fenway also likes to go canoeing, although he learned the hard way that you can’t put all four paws on the rails of the canoe. That was also the time we learned that he likes to swim! Now he gets the occasional trip to the beach.

Most of the time though, Fenway just lays around and sleeps all day. He lives with me and my two roommates (who are all college students), so he gets lots of attention and is usually worn out by the end of the day. He can be stubborn sometimes, but usually minds me very well, although he occasionally thinks he is the boss of my roommates. If food is involved he listens right away! He also loves to run in our fenced yard and chase the squirrels, ibises and iguanas (we live in Miami).

Thanks to American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue for helping me find an awesome dog.

Page last updated on 1 February 2010