Today, Fern celebrated her first year anniversary in her forever home with Purina Bacon strips, homemade chili & assorted other goodies. On February 18, 2010, she was a timid, trembling pup when I picked her up in New Hampshire, via the transport van from Georgia. What a sweetie pie Fern is - she has brought so much joy to my life. She loves snow!


12 March 2011

Attached are photos of Miss Fern II, who arrived from ABTC Rescue via North Carolina. She enjoyed her first Christmas in Maine last month. She's a lovely gal.


28 January 2011

All is well. Miss Fern is a lovely young pup and has the potential for being a laid-back hound when she matures. She has already learned a lot from her elders (biscuit bowl location, red squirrel hangouts, how to navigate LR couch(s),etc.)!


14 August 2010