I wanted to write to you and tell you how happy we are to have Bardot as part of our family! She was very shy when she first came to us, but living with our beloved 1 year old Coonhound, Ferlin, and twin 3 year old boys helped her get past that very quickly! She is such a love and can't get close enough in the bed at night. She loves to sit up on Mom's lap when I am on the computer and doesn't think 46 lbs is too big for that!

Bardot took to the underground fence right away and loves to play chase with her brother Coonie. Anyone who doubts that a Coonhound would be good with children should see my sons putting her 'night-night' with a blanket and laying on top of her. Sweet Bardot wags her tail and kisses their faces.

We had to change her name to Bardot when we saw those beautiful eyes with her God-given eye liner...Bridgette Bardot eyes for sure! Thank you to Jayne for all the work she does and helping bring Bardot to the family she was meant to be with and who love her so much.

Tracy, Wyatt, Hudson and Ferlin

Page last updated on 5 September 2010