George is doing great. He didn't get as big as we thought he was going to, which is great because he is the perfect size for our little family. He is doing a great job with our little Josie who is 6 months. Our biggest struggle is getting him to stop giving her kisses (and her kissing him back.) They are already two peas in a pod and I have a feeling they are going to be best friends forever. Cheri (his foster mom) has decided that he is going to be her "poster child for hounds and babies."

Thank you again for saving this little guy; he is just awesome, we could not have asked for a better hound.

Thank you again,
The Wendt Family

3 April 2013

We decided to call him George and it suites him well I think. He is a wonderful dog and so far he has been very well behaved and gets along great with Lovie. He really does seem to be housetrained and had no accidents, but Iím still expecting one - he is a puppy after all. Also I was very surprised to see that he knows sit and paw. He has made my wife happy cry, pregnant hormones, and has really warmed your hearts. He has already met most of his family yesterday; his grandparents, aunts, and his dog father all came over to see him. A lot in one day for the little guy. I felt bad leaving him this morning, but Iím lucky to work 5 min. away, so I will be going home for lunch.

Thank You,

23 April 2012