It has been just over one year since we adopted Gator. We certainly did not expect to find a Bloodhound on the A B & T Coonhound Rescue website, but one day there he was. Although he had obviously been mistreated, he still had that “I love life” look in his eyes.

When we picked him up at the airport he did not know what a car was and would not get in without a lot of coaxing. Now he has his own car, “Gator’s Limo”, and enjoys riding anywhere and everywhere, all the while working that fabulous nose.

At first he did not know how to go on a walk and sheepishly followed behind us. It did not take him long to realize that this was a lot of fun. He now proudly leads us on his daily walks.

This formerly 45 pound emaciated dog weighs a very healthy 85 pounds. His favorite food is any and everything that will fit into his mouth. Unfortunately, this sometimes includes clothing, magazines and anything that we might have left out.

It is hard to believe that someone would put this beautiful and loving dog into a kill shelter. Thanks to the A B & T Coonhound Rescue he got a second chance at life and now has his forever home.

Greg Walker

Page last updated on 17 June 2008