We just wanted to follow up with AB&TCR and let you know about Daisy (formerly "Gemma"). We adopted her on May 1st and she has been the easiest dog we have ever had in our home. Three months before adopting Daisy, we lost one of our coonhounds to bone cancer. Our children are leaving the nest and my husband and I had decided that we would fully embrace this time of life at home with our remaining older Coonie. The kids, however, had different ideas and kept pestering me to find another dog. I jokingly made a list of all the attributes of the "perfect dog," insisting that there was no dog that would meet my list. Then I logged onto the AB&TCR site and the rest was history. As soon as I saw Daisy, I knew!

Daisy is sweet and silly. She enjoys going for long walks alone, with our older Coonie, and with my walking group of friends and dogs. She likes rides and dog parks and nesting near her people. She gets along well with our cat and is beloved by our three kids. She has also been a calming influence and companion for Penny. Throughout the adoption process, I had conversations with Alaina, the foster. Alaina described Daisy so well that there were no surprises when we got her home.

We can't imagine life without this dog. Thank you for a wonderful addition to our family!


Page last updated on 31 July 2021