Loretta is such a sweetheart! She is a smallish hound (55 lbs) but has a Huge personality. Everyone Adores her and she is a play girl at the dog park, loves the beach and she holds 3 degrees of higher learning: Basic, Intermediate and Tricks. Her best tricks? Sit pretty, high five, Peek A Boo, roll out your mat, play dead, Go to your bed, take a bow.

Actually, since she is so whip smart and highly food motivated, she's game to try anything and will start a Sports Sampler class in a few weeks. She has greatly improved her recall but still has the occasional - uh, yeah, maybe later - when asked to "come." Her dogwalker says that it's not impossible - just takes awhile for hounds to really get that command.

People stop on the street to exclaim about her beauty - coonhounds not being so common in San Francisco but I have been singing the praises of Jayne and coonhound rescue so I am certain we'll have more soon.

They really are the best dogs - very loving and sweet and Live to play! I've included a photo of Loretta relaxing in Her chair and a movie of her eating peanut butter. Got a dog? Got peanut butter? Instant fun!


4 June 2012

Loretta has found a great new home and everyone adores her! We're calling her Loretta in honor of her Southern heritage and we're working on perfecting the housebreaking by going outside a lot and getting lots of praise when she does her business there.

She's great! She's coming to work with me every day and running around on the 160 acres of shoreline and playing with other dogs at the office. She's gained about 7 lbs, has learned to sit and come and she starts her first obedience class on the 21st. She is completely attached to me and follows me everywhere although she's really friendly to everyone. Such a great personality!

Thanks again for taking such great care of her. She is such a joy!


12 May 2011