Wondering where we're headed

Relaxing on the ride home

Checking out her new backyard

Molly Brown and Mickey

Molly Brown and Mickey wondering
if I'm done taking pictures

What a ride Molly Brown (I just call her Molly) has had since she left her pups and wonderful foster family in southern California! We want to thank Molly's foster family for giving her the love and care she needed and putting up with our numerous emails asking how she was doing. We also want to thank Cathy G. for bringing Molly a little further north for us and caring for her while we made it down to pick her up. Huge thanks go to all the people involved with AB&TCR who tirelessly work to save these Coonies and make sure our new family members reach us.

From the moment we saw Molly (Good Golly Miss Molly) on the website with all her puppies and read her story, we knew we loved her and wanted her to come home with us to be her forever family and home. We can't tell you how excited we were when we found out we were her family! She joins our other dogs, cats, bunnies, fishies, and kids. We are a large family, but there is plenty of love to share with her and she'll never be lonely or feel unwanted!

On our journey home, my youngest daughter decided Molly had to be called Molly Brown because she was obviously unsinkable after having 14 puppies and surviving being so scrawny, sick, and having such a rough life before she found some loving people to foster her. It is difficult to believe that anyone could ever be cruel to such a quiet (we haven't heard her bark yet) and loving dog, but someone was. We are truly blessed to have Molly in our lives and we hope she'll learn to trust us and love us as much as we already do her. Molly isn't too sure about crackly, popping, or loud noises or anything lifted higher than waist high. My son loves hockey and learned that his hockey stick isn't something he can carry around near Molly right now and her foster mom told us she feared the pooper scooper. Poor girl will cower or scoot away. Molly is so worth the patience it will take to help her overcome her fears and truly show how great she is. She wants to please (she's already learned sit) and she loves to cuddle. Molly and I are almost attached to the hip already and I love it.

We had another wonderful Coonie in our lives named Penny. She showed up on our deck one day and we had several great years with her. Penny showed us how wonderful this breed is and Molly continues to show us. They each have their own personalities, but this breed is fabulous. We are looking forward to telling everyone who stops to say hi to Molly Brown about her and how she came to live with us. Every stop we made along our way home, Molly attracted people. She may not like some things right now, but her friendliness has not waned a moment. We just love her!

Lisa and Mike Cargill and family

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