We adopted Jarhead (the Black and Tan) a few years ago. Months later we fostered Rosie who was from our local shelter where I volunteer. Later we adopted her when she and Jarhead became inseparable. She and Jarhead are quite the pair. They play so hard we call them the gladiators. They go to doggie daycare three days a week. At daycare the staff puts the puppies, new dogs and shy dogs with Jarhead as he is so easy going. Rosie is the official hall monitor for the play groups. At home they are great wlth other dogs. Sparky our blind Shih Tzu walks through and under their legs. They are also very good with Robin, another ABTCR alumnus. They serve as welcoming committee for any of our foster dogs.

Ellen Kearns

23 June 2012

Here is Jarhead with Santa when he was asked whether he was a good boy this year. Have a great Holiday Season,
Ellen Kearns

22 December 2009

Thought I would send you a holiday picture of Jar Head and friends. Jar Head is on the right with his tail in the air. Rosie, a foster, is in the middle, and Jethro, our other Black and Tan, is on the left. As you can see they are thrilled to be photographed.

Jar Head is getting taller and taller. His surgery for entropic eye lids came out very well. He is such a good boy. He goes to doggie day care three times a week where of course he is spoiled by the staff. He is so good with our other dogs. He loves to play rough with Rosie, but is very gentle with our other dogs, including a 14 year old, and the cat. He finished his basic obedience course and is trying very hard with his good manners.

Just thought I'd give you an update. Jim and I are thrilled with him. He can always make us laugh.

Ellen Kearns

3 December 2009

We were fostering Jar Head when we decided to adopt him. Jim just beams with him. I can see that although Jar Head loves everyone, Jim is his special person. He looks for Jim first coming into any room and follows him everywhere. Jar Head is having a great time at doggie day care and loves to play with Zoey, a boxer who is particular about which dogs she likes. He has a great time in doggie day care and is the champion and new title holder of Best in Baying. The beagle who held the former title just gave up when he heard Jar Head. He comes home exhausted and retires to our bed for a nap.


21 June 2009