I wanted to give you an update on Gillian (whose name is now definitely Luke). He is doing great; such a loving, funny dog. It was wonderful to find out that he wasnít a jumper so I have no problem with the heights of the fences. He wonít even jump over the baby gate I keep between the sunroom and the kitchen so the cats have a safe haven. However, he doesnít really bother the cats anyway except to run after them once in a while to play!

He is now 87 lbs and looks so beautiful. I have been taking him to obedience class and everyone loves him. He is a quick learner and can sit, stand, heel, wait and almost stay. This kind of dog is not found up here at all so everyone wants to play with his ears! He is great with children and loves the attention that any child gives him when they come up to him. He has now graduated to sleeping on my bed and when he stretches out he is as tall as me! He loves belly rubs and ear rubs. Charlie, my poodle/spaniel mix, loves him and they play all the time in the back yard. He is truly a blessing and I canít believe how lucky I was to find him and you. My bedroom in the pic is a little messed up since I do have to move my shoes and some things on top of my TV and dresser so he wonít eat them - LOL - but he is even getting much better about that.


Page last updated on 28 June 2010