I wanted to check in with a Zoey update - she is doing so well! She had an issue with a lingering cough, but several rounds of antibiotics later, she's all better! We moved to a new apartment which she loves because it has a fenced in backyard and sunny spots in the living room for her to lounge in. Her favorite activity is lounging. She also loves playing with other dogs and eating, but is less excited about going for a walk or (gasp!) a run. Zoey generally sees no reason to go for a run when she could be basking in the sun. We're chalking it up to the Georgia heat and her being a lazy hound. She's a great cuddler and she loves car rides - probably because she gets to sit in the passenger's lap and be loved on for the whole trip. She likes being around water and has even been in my kayak a few times! Zoey has learned sit, lay down, shake, play dead, and roll over and will do them all repeatedly in a cycle if you have a treat in your hand. Overall, she's a great dog and we love having her in our lives!

Thank you,
Elizabeth and Michael

10 July 2012

We've had a great first week with Zoey! She's doing great, learning us as we're learning her. Her favorite things to do are sleeping, chewing, and sniffing. I'm attaching some pictures of her doing the first two. She lost a baby tooth tonight - tiny and SHARP! She especially loves chewing on "bully sticks" and her rope toy. Crate training is going well - she doesn't have accidents in her crate... though some parts of our apartment she must still deem "outside" because she doesn't always feel the need to go to the door to let us know she needs to go outside. But we're getting there. She's such a joy and we just love running, playing, and cuddling with her.

Elizabeth and Michael

23 May 2012