Greetings, from Izzie and family. Izzie is doing great, it will be two years in July. We finally feel in the past 6 months she finally feels like she is home. Izzie has had some allergy problems which are still of an unknown origin. The separation anxiety is much better than in the beginning. I would be pulling out of the driveway and I would hear howling all the way down the street (no windows opened).

She is a very happy girl when her people are home. I walk with another lady who has three basset hounds and she loves them. She gets so excited about having them walk with her. A daddy's girl, she climbs up next to him every night for a chest rub and some one on one time. Izzie also likes her toys and soft things. Blankets are her favorites, she loves to lay on them.

We love her and enjoy having her in our home. Thank you to Rescue.
Izzie's Family

11 May 2011

Izzie Lu was rescued in July of 2009. She was formerly Gracie in Texas. Quite the traveled girl, she lived in Houston, Dallas and Minneapolis. She is now living in Nebraska - I will let her speak as she is fighting for the keyboard: Hi, Izzie Lu here: I have been in Omaha for about a year and half. I can't begin to thank the fine rescue folks, Jayne, my foster mom in Dallas and in Minneapolis.

Hmmmm, lets talk about my life. I have a Mom and Dad, I am an only furbaby, no human kids around but I have neighbor kids that adore me. My Dad is the love of my life, I love that man. My tail is always waggin'. My mom, well, she gets me food which might I add is quite tasty. I am a spoiled pup according to people. Whatever. My folks lost their beloved Hoss last year to cancer and he was a black and tan also.

I have toys all over the house and food; did I mention the food? I have put on about 10 pounds since coming to live with my parents. I like to sunbathe as you can tell by the pictures. I experienced my first snowstorm (well many last year).

I am enjoying my life and I thank everyone from the rescue again.

Izzie Lu

1 October 2010