Here is a story about a boy and his dog. Toby ( formerly Grainger) came to foster with us in July of 2012. He original came from a very famous breeder in KY who sadly had become terminally ill and asked rescue for help, hoping his dogs would be able to get good pet homes. Iím a fancier or probably even a nut for the Blueticks. They have such true grit and deep hearted desire that is often the plot of some of the best hound dog stories you can read. If youíve ever picked up a copy of CoonHound Bloodlines you may have heard or read about Del Cameronís line, David Deanís Hammer dogs or the Smokey River line. All of these lines can be traced back to a pair hounds. The Blueticks are an American legend of their own.

When Toby first came to foster with us, he was developmentally behind of what a dog his age should be. He was as close to a 60 pound, 6 week old puppy is one could get. He was frightened by everyday things we take for granted. Hard wood floors, carpeting, TV, telephones ringing are just a few of the things that would send him into panic mode. With time, patience, structure and a big back yard Toby has become more than just a pet, heís my companion. After fostering him for a few weeks, I didnít want to let him go. He was so beautiful and we enjoyed each otherís company so much. This was perfect, because at the time most adopters would have considered him to be too much of a project. Some things are just meant to be. Jayne, you match maker you!

Toby enjoys being at my side, his Bloodhound girl friend Claire and wrestling with his Bluetick roommate Emmy, and napping with his Black and Tan friend Holly. Fetch, tug, and keep away are some of the games he likes to play. He really likes treeing varmints in the backyard chasing coon hides on a flirt pole. He loves noting more than to be chased by the other dogs. Iíve never seen a dog that enjoys being chased like he does. I call him the gingerbread man when he is in his zone. We have chew breaks, snuggle time and like any good American he loves Cheeseburgers from the drive through.

One of most memorable moments was watching him tree his first squirrel. I got to see the transformation of a shaking huddled fur ball that was scared of his own shadow into a banshee screaming cheetah striding Bluetick. He was so happy and proud of himself. He was jumping up against the tree and bouncing off of it close to six feet up from the ground and just baying the whole time. Even more entertaining than that, he would lead me to the exact same spot in the yard for the next few weeks. He would jump up and give me a hug saying,ĒYou remember that squirrel the other day!Ē

As I write this, Toby is asleep in the chair next to me all worn out from his first off of the yard walk. He performed like a show ring champ and had a smile and wag the whole time. He is no longer terrified of everything. He is a good eater. What a looker too, dark and silvery and blue and looks like he is chiseled out of steel. This has been a true happy ending for everyone involved.

Ryan and Shelley Joch

Page last updated on 4 July 2013