My husband Paul and I recently received Guinan by way of transport. She had been many places before arriving in Dallas, Texas to be picked up by her new Humans. Her Man and Woman then took her by car to her forever home in Arlington Texas I must say, she has caused a big frenzy, which has been rivaled only perhaps by the ballgames recently, ergo Superbowl, World Series, etc. etc. Our hound is a novelty, even in Cowboy Country; It's a shame. Everyone who has met her loves her. Our friends have suggested that we charge admission because everyone thinks she is so great.

Our Girl has been really quick to learn our routine. And She really knew the proper way to utilize the "Bay" window. I don't always enjoy dogs barking but I do love it "when they do it with Soul"! Guinan has been a real joy and no trouble at all. When she wants to go out, she mentions it; with meaning, If you know what I mean. She is just our speed, plus our Cat (Good Fortune) has accepted her, and she is a Princess. Thanks to all you Women and Men who made this adoption possible.

Good Job group!

The Herrmanns
Paul, Donna, Good Fortune and now Guinan

Page last updated on 12 August 2011