Guinness and the Bauble Ball

Making himself one
with tree and presents (he's ours this year)

Worn out Christmas morning on his new blankie

Such a Pretty Face

Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Ours has been made even more wonderful since we have Guinness this year. He's done really well with leaving the Christmas Tree alone and actually just sniffed packages under the tree.... until my son and his girlfriend were home Friday night and had Guinness open his first present. He was much more interested since then!

This is Guinness wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas!!!
All our Love,
The Kirkpatricks

31 December 2011

We just got back from our first family vacation.... my husband, me and Guinness. These pictures were taken in Northern Minnesota between Duluth and the Canadian Border along the North Shore of Lake Superior. He was a great vacation companion and was the center of attention everywhere we went. If we heard it once we heard it a thousand times "I've seen pictures of Coonhounds but never seen one in person." We would run into the same people over and over again and it was "Hey There's Guinness". He was a great ambassador for the breed and many people now know about coonhound rescue. We've also decided Guinness is part billy goat as he took to hiking over rocks like a trooper.

1st Pic is Guinness riding in a Tram up Lutsen Mountain -- wasn't too crazy about the tram... when we got back down the mountain and off the tram -- he would bay at them from the ground when they went by overhead -- guess he was voicing his displeasure for that experience!!!

2nd & 3rd Pics are Guinness on the trails at Cascade River State Park.

4th is worn out puppy on the balcony of his hotel room!

Our favorite experience was when a family with an older gentleman (early 90's and very frail) in a wheelchair asked if Guinness was gentle. They brought their father up to Guinness and when he reached out to pet Guinness but couldn't quite reach -- Guinness ever so gently took a few steps forward and put his face in the man's hands... and then reached up and touched his nose to the man's cheek...the smile on the man's face was priceless... I do believe Therapy Dog training is in his future... it was beautiful.

Guinness has been a blessing and a learning experience. We wouldn't trade him for the world. Thank you to everyone involved in bringing these gifts to their forever homes.


12 September 2011

We don't want to brag, BUT.... we truly feel we hit the Doggie Lotto Jackpot with Guinness. We couldn't have hoped for a more loveable, gentle, beautiful guy. He has shown us his playful side, his "lets see what I can get away with side", his "just cuddle with me side" and his stubborn side. He wins the "who can snore the loudest" contest.

Our vet pronounced him "All Coonie" and thinks he is great. She raises bloodhounds and although you'll find a few of those in Central Illinois -- there aren't many coonhounds. He has met some of our neighbors and everyone thinks he is absolutely gorgeous and is glad to see his gentle ways.

We want to thank everyone who had a hand in helping Guinness be the great dog he is.. and a special thank you to all of the volunteers who worked the transport team on July 9th. The fourth photo above was taken when we got him off of the transport. And a huge thank you to his foster family.


21 July 2011