Ogie is doing awesome! He's about 8 months old now and is starting to howl with his coonhound brother, Rufus. He loves to run in the mountains with his nose to the ground. He is the sweetest puppy and we are so happy with him!

Blake and Meghan

25 October 2008

Ogie loves his new home in Colorado. He spends most of his time wrestling with his older brothers, Jester and Rufus. He seems to really enjoy being outside in the yard where he sniffs around and chews on his toys. He is a smart puppy considering it only took him a day to escape from the kitchen while we were gone. We came home to find Ogie proudly wagging his tail on the other side of the gate with the big dogs. We are hoping he uses that intelligence positively in his puppy training class. So far he has mastered "sit" and smacking other dogs on the head with his enormous paws. He is so fun and entertaining and we are so happy to have him! Thanks again!

Meghan and Blake

4 June 2008