Haley is doing great. Haley is all grown up now. She is just absolute beauty. It took a long time for her to really open up. She started shy and guarded, did not want to cuddle or be handled much. Now she is looking for attention from us all the time and cannot get enough belly rubs. It takes time to earn the trust of a rescue dog…But it all sooooooooo worth it.

Thank you again for saving this precious girl.
Alain, Irina, Jethro, Anna and Haley Jacques.

30 March 2012

Haley continue to blossom. She is very happy and easy going. We are lucky to have such a wonderful dog. She is healthy and getting bigger and more beautiful.

Thank you again.
Irina, Alain, Jethro, Anna and Haley Jacques

30 August 2011

She is doing great !!! We love her . Thank you so very much for allowing us to adopt her.
Irina, Alain, Jethro, Anna and Haley Jacques

22 July 2011

Haley is settled great in her new home. We think that she wants to stay :>).

Haley is a great dog. She is learning very fast and eager to please. In the dog park she is very popular with all other pups. You can see from the photos how much fun she has playing with all of them.

Haley starting school on 6/21. We are going to have her and Jethro take same classes. My husband is so proud of her progress; he insists that he and Haley will beat me and Jethro in class “Big Time”.

Thank you for allowing us to have our little girl.
Irina, Alain, Jethro, Anna and Haley Jacques

28 May 2011

Haley arrived home on 5/6/11. From the first moment, she was very trusting and affectionate with people. She was not very comfortable with my big boy Jethro (2 y/o B&T). It took her about 24 hrs to learn to trust him. Now they are sleeping, playing and eating together. Haley is very beautiful and gentle girl, we love her. She is still a pup and have a lot to learn. We are going to the dog park every day and she is well loved by human and dog friends there. We are looking forward to many happy years to come.

Thank you for all you do.
Irina, Alain, Anna, Jethro and Haley Jacques

12 May 2011