Logan has found his favorite spot in our backyard. He likes to lay and sunbathe anytime there is even a little sunshine, even when it’s colder. He’s also still a little afraid of thunderstorms, but we found that if he can hide under a blanket, he’s ok. He’s a very loving boy and is so well behaved. His favorite thing right now is what we call “pretty sits” because he’s *SO* good at it. We recently took a trip to Wisconsin to see my mother for the Thanksgiving holiday. Logan and Buddy did lots of playing. They quickly learned that Logan is MUCH faster than Buddy. The game then just became chase with Logan in the lead. The ride home was very peaceful – both dogs enjoyed the pillows in the back seat and rode calmly the whole way. We are all extremely happy. Thank you again for your care of Logan while he was being fostered. He is such a good boy and has really completed our family.


Page last updated on 4 December 2009