I got Hank in November of 2015, and a year later Hank is loving life here. He loves running these nearby fields as well as chasing the squirrels in his fenced yard. At home, he is happy lounging around the house or in the yard as long as my wife or I am nearby. When left alone, he will sleep in his bed til we return. He is the best behaved dog I have ever known. He is truly a clown and makes me laugh all day. When its time for his morning walk, he will bring every shoe he can find to me, which is my fault because I tried to teach him to bring me my shoes and he learned well. He takes care of me, keeps me so active. We walk at least 2 miles every morning and as much as 5 some days, depending on which trail we walk. He's so easy, he'll do whatever I do and follows me everywhere. By 7:30 he's fast asleep and will sleep til I get up at 7 when he starts bringing me shoes.

When I first took Hank in, we discovered that he had heartworms, which ABTCR took care of immediately, both financially and with much help and advice, thanks so much. During his treatment he was so strong, you'd hardly know he was sick. He came thru great and is 100% as can be seen in the attached pics.

If anybody is looking to adopt one of these dogs, you have found the best adoption agency in ABTCR; they are absolutely wonderful.

Carl Gallagher

Page last updated on 15 October 2016