It has been a year since the lovely Ms. Carolina found her way into my life, and what a year it has been, with many, many highs and a few lows along the way. Carolina settled in pretty quickly, learning how to follow her sister Emma to learn the way around the house and where the treats are stored. She struggled with being in a kennel during the day, going so far as to chew her way out of a wood end-table kennel that was such a nice addition to the house. By the way, she also managed to get her sister out of her new wood kennel as well! Oh well, what's a few dollars among friends... She is doing much better during the day now that she has limited run of the house and can sleep on the bed all day.

She made it through a cold and snowy winter here in WI with no real issues, even burying herself in the snow one day while I was shoveling. Never expected that from a Southern hound.

She walks very nicely now and is very vocal when she sees other people and dogs walking around, even getting her sister to sing along with her. Sometimes I think my neighbors think they are walking me around. My vet says she is in good health and doing well, except for the extra people food I feed her. To which I say, "What's wrong with steak and sausage for her?"

Again, Thank you so much for sending her to me. I wish I could adopt a couple more, but not sure if there would be any room left in the house for me!

Take care,
Paul, Carolina and Emma

14 June 2009

My Dad wanted to write you a note to let you know how I’m doing, but I wanted to write it myself. You knew me as Inkspot. My new name is Carolina Blue! First I want to say thank you for being the best foster Mom to me. Mostly thank you for getting all the ticks off of me (although my Dad freaked out about just 1 tick…that was nothing)! And thank you for getting me on the early flight to Milwaukee. I did really well on the plane, and although I was very nervous, I didn’t have any accidents. My new Dad was waiting for me when I got there. I knew he was great when he had treats waiting for me! Here is a picture of me meeting my Dad for the first time!

When I got to my new home, my Dad waited outside with me, while his girlfriend went inside to get my new sister for me to meet. Boy…she ran out so fast to Dad, I knew I would be in good hands. My sister and Dad are very sweet to me and helped me quickly unpack my bags and know how good it feels to have a forever home. I have my own room (crate) to sleep in when my Dad goes to work. At night, I get to sleep on the same bed as my Dad and sister. I even have my own pillow on the couch. Here’s a picture of my sister and me.

I give lots of kisses every day!! I’m still learning how to walk on a leash… my Dad doesn’t like choke collars, so I’m getting the hang of it. You won’t believe it… I have my own doctor who comes to the house to visit us. She says I’m doing great, despite my new diet that includes the chicken, brats, and hamburgers my Dad shares with us in addition to my breakfast and dinner cookies!

I’ll get going now… but I wanted to say thank you to the person that rescued me, to you as my foster Mom and to AB&TCR for letting me be placed in the best forever home I could ever ask for.

Carolina Blue and Paul

15 August 2008