We took Isabella, now Mickey, home on September 2nd and now, only 2 months later, she is fitting in perfectly. She and Hank, who I adopted back in 2015, get along like brother and sister. They roll around and wrestle in the yard all day. Although Hank is bigger and stronger than Mickey and always "wins", she never gives up, taking a submissive pose only to jump up on Hank after he turns away. They have taken to sleeping together and as can be seen in the pics Hank seems to be protective of her. At the dog park she is a bit shyer and takes some time to join in the play with the other dogs. When one of them gets her to roll on her back Hank will come and save her. They are so cute together. In the house she is just like Hank going to her bed and doing what hounds do, content to lay quietly, as mischievous as she is out in the yard, she is a perfect lady in the house and sleeps all night not stirring til well after I wake. She is a real mush and likes nothing better than to get pets and hugs. Any time I walk out in the yard she is at my side begging for attention. She learns fast and like all hounds can be stubborn and just like Hank I usually have to tell her 3 times before she responds. When I first started looking for a playmate for Hank, Jayne suggested Mickey and she is just perfect. We could not be happier and I think she and Hank feel the same.

Once again I thank all you folks at ABTCR for the great work you all do for these hounds.

Carl Gallagher

Page last updated on 19 December 2017