Lucky for us, Jack has found his forever home. It took him about a month to figure out his place and how to get along with our two older dogs and two cats, but once he did he has been a joy to have in our family. He is the most loving and affectionate dog we have ever owned and he loves being around his human companions and dog buddies. My wife works at night, and Jack will sit by the gate every morning and wait for mama to return, then runs along the fence and howls excitedly when she finally drives up. Jack thinks he is a little lap dog as he likes to crawl up in our laps and cuddle, but he is impossible to resist when he looks at us with those big brown eyes. I am retired and he makes sure I get my exercise each day as he takes me for a brisk 4 to 5 mile walk and always reminds me when it is time to go each morning. Jack also loves to ride shotgun in the truck and keeps me company when I go into town to run errands. We have an acre of fenced yard and he likes lying outside and protecting us from any squirrel, school bus, UPS truck or passerby and makes sure we all know he is on the job with his distinctive voice.

We love Jack and are grateful for his foster parents and the Coonhound Rescue for making the adoption process enjoyable and for taking such good care of him.
Ray Young

Page last updated on 17 January 2018