When Paul and I planned our move to San Francisco in July of 2012, one of our special goals was to find a dog-friendly apartment so we could adopt a hound. We had wanted a dog for a while, but could not support one with our previous travel-intensive work schedules; we were very excited about Total Lifestyle Change.

Enter Tine and her pack of lovable, wonderful rescue hounds! Before our furniture even arrived, we did a full day road-trip to meet Tine and John, and to pick out a hound. It was a hugely difficult decision, as each one was appealing in his or her own right, but Tine was patient with us and we left that day with Jackie Blue, now Remy, in tow.

Remy’s story is about patience being rewarded. Although in the scheme of rescue hounds, he is a pretty easy-going character, he gave the phrase “taking it slow” a new meaning for us. But with lots of education/training/support for us, love, patience, obedience training (with a fantastic pair of trainers/walkers), and tons of exercise for him, he has become our perfect, well-behaved pooch:

- Fully bonded -- what a heart-lifting moment it was when he first gave us kisses! He loves to get tucked in at night and again in the morning, and shows it with a little sigh.

- We have recall! We can walk off-leash in certain unfenced areas without panic attacks.

- Super social, especially with his ABTCR buddies, William and Loretta!

- Loose leash walking (most of the time) around the city and for his bathroom walks. He still likes to help pull us up the trail when we are hiking.

- Rides well in the car: this was mostly learning curve for us; Remy had some trouble initially in the tiny Mini Cooper, but we have now figured out a configuration that works for all involved!

- Hiking without going insane! Remy initially had an unstoppable prey drive, but we can now hike in areas with wildlife without losing any limbs along with the leash. He trusts that we are going to do something fun, so he goes along with our program. He also loves trail-running with his Dad and gallops alongside in perfect synchrony (okay, okay, with an occasional pause to sniff).

- Quiet in the house – he’s always been on the quiet side for a hound, but has also now learned to listen when we ask him to go to his bed and not to worry about strangers going past.

- Adorable 100% of the time.

- Not a counter-surfer or an inappropriate chewer! Can’t take any sort of credit for this one – he is just a good boy.

We are currently on our first road trip, and Remy has been fantastic in the car and in the hotels. He loves being with his pack full time, and is thoroughly enjoying all that central and southern California have to offer a pup!

Thank you so much to ABTCR for all that you do! We love a hound!

Page last updated on 6 January 2013