I have attached a picture of myself after having a spa day (actually an hour) before Xmas. My friends at Petco bathe me, do my nails, teeth and ears about 4 times a year. They really like me there because I am always good. However, they put this silly-looking feathery thing on me this time. I wore it home, but then took it off. My Mom puts a bell collar on me for Xmas which I liked better.

I am happy in my new home because I can sleep on the furniture and in the bed with my parents and my boxer sister, Izzy. I have very nice house manners. Occasionally, I will slip out the door and head for the woods because it smells so good there and there is always a critter lurking somewhere. I feel badly when I do this because my Mom and dad worry about me, but I just can't help it. They always find me and make me come home. Then, I am so tired and sore that I can hardly move for a couple of days and promise myself I won't do it anymore, but.....

Happy New Year to all of you and I hope that everyone who is being fostered will find a good home in 2013!

Love ~
Gracie Anne

Page last updated on 30 January 2013