Delilah turned 3 years old on February 28th. We've had her for over 2 years now and she's doing wonderfully. She goes camping, hiking, and mountain biking with us all over Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware. This girl has become very adept at walking on the deck railing, don't ask me how she gets up there. Her nickname is "wonder dog." She loves to sleep curled up next to her other buddies. She's the smartest dog I know, even though she failed her first obedience class. She makes us laugh just about every day with her silly antics. Thank you so much for rescuing her and allowing this special girl to be part of our lives!

20 March 2016

Delilah has really taken well to carting and helping out around the farm. Who would’ve thought a coonhound could be so versatile? She’s doing great!

27 November 2014

Delilah's still doing very well. She loves mountain biking! We biked 8 miles of trails on the day the photo was taken; and she was barely tired. She's an amazing little hound! She's always happy, as long as she's doing something with her family.
Thank you!

13 July 2014

Delilah's doing great! She's been part of our family for 4 and 1/2 months now. We celebrated her first birthday on 2/28 by baking her a plate full of homemade doggie biscuits and letting her chow down. She's on a special diet now to prevent kidney stones; so we bake most of her treats. So far (based on the results of her tests today) her diet's working very well; so we can look forward to her having a long and healthy life and many more birthdays. My daughter sewed and quilted a coat for Delilah's birthday present (a practical gift during this unforgettably cold winter).

The last photo is Delilah in her "honey badger" pose. If you've ever watched the silly you tube video of "Honey Badger Just Don't Care," she can do an honest impression of him. We have to watch where we leave certain things in the house; otherwise, she'll find a way to eat them. If she sets her mind on something, "she just don't care" and will do whatever it takes to get it. I once had a cactus ... then there was the bag of hay ... my daughter's homework ... the toilet scrubbie ... a book about dogs (which she thoroughly enjoyed) ... well you get the picture. Things have gotten a lot better though with training. She is the most wonderful, sweetest dog in the world and we absolutely love her!

Thank you again for everything you do to rescue these wonderful dogs!

Rebecca, Madison, and Laszlo

20 April 2014

I just wanted to let everyone at ABTCR know how much we appreciate your help in rescuing and placing “Janet Jackson” with us in her forever home! My daughter and I first heard about your rescue organization during our travels through Atlanta, Georgia. Quite by accident - and serendipity - we stumbled upon a dog rescue fair while we were visiting the Olympic Park in Atlanta in September of last year. We had the opportunity to speak with one of your very wonderful and dedicated volunteers that day. As a result, I contacted Jayne in early December and the rest is history.

Now, “Janet” is living with my daughter and me on a 30 acre farm in Maryland along the Chesapeake Bay. She loves the water, the snow, long walks on the farm, her brother (a 10 year old husky/lab mix), and - of course - my little girl. She’s a very playful and loving girl. Her intelligence is astonishing as well. She’s picked up tricks and commands so fast, I’m almost convinced she’s actually human! She has learned to open the latch on our backyard gate, let herself out, and make friends far and wide. We now have an invisible fence inside the split rail fence, which has worked very well in keeping her safe.

She was originally placed by ABCTR as a puppy, with a family that loved her but, unfortunately, didn’t have enough time for her energy and exuberance. She was named “Maya” by her first family. My daughter Maddie really had her heart set on picking out a name for our new family member, however. So, I figured it would be nice for my daughter and for our new family member to have a fresh start with a new name. Thus, “Janet Jackson” who was once “Maya” is now “Delilah.” This will be her forever name now, in her “forever home.” I can’t begin to tell you how much she means to us. She’s such a sweet heart!

Thank you very much for all of your help! I think it’s absolutely wonderful that all of you dedicate so much time and effort and love into rescuing these special dogs!

Rebecca, Maddie, Laszlo (our husky/lab mix), and Delilah

29 January 2014