It's been a year since we have adopted Daisy. She is a far cry from the skinny pitiful puppy she once was. She is nothing short of magnificent. She is huge, weighing in just over 100 lbs. Her personality has blossomed as she has settled in and she makes us laugh all day with her antics. She has recovered nicely from an intestinal obstruction which fortunately passed without surgery. Somewhere we are missing something very large and terry cloth. Needless to say our vet and the staff didn't want to give her up. She became the office mascot for a few days.

Jasper is also doing well. He continues to be maintained on a couple of meds for his hips and surgery has been put off indefinitely as long as he stays happy and active. It is sometimes hard to believe he has hip problems as there doesn't seem to be any area of our house or counters he can't reach. He loves to go for rides and be around people, immediately flopping down for a good belly rub. No one can resist him and he is a great breed ambassador.

Thanks so much for your rescue of these beautiful dogs!
Steve and Julie Hodsdon

7 December 2011

Just an update on Jasper and Daisy (formerly Raggedy Ann). Daisy is doing unbelievably well and now is weighing in at about 80 lbs and shows no sign of stopping. All her health problems have been resolved and she can now be the great dog she was meant to be. Not bad for a starved, emaciated, little bloodhound. She generates interest among all those that she meets because bloodhounds are not seen this far north very much and her personality is awesome. She is just a love bug.

Jasper has developed some problems with his hips but is doing well on medication and is receiving the best vet care available to him. He is an active happy dog and we are determined to give him the great quality of life he deserves. The vets at U of P were ecstatic to see him as they never get to treat coonhounds since most are put down rather than receive any type of treatment. His hips would be happier if he was a little less active but what can we say, he's a typical coonhound. He, too, is loved everywhere he goes.

They are both great dogs and we are lucky to have them!
Steve and Julie Hodsdon

13 February 2011