Jasper Clarence I call him. When I first saw his picture they said he didn't have much time before he to be put down. He was young. He had those amber eyes looking through the computer at me. I looked over at my senior Black and Tan Duke Wayne and thought of his story, much the same. Jasper was in the same State Duke came from WV. There was Mary, now Jasper's God Mom who stays in touch , she was willing to go get him out and help get him to NJ where I could foster him. That's was the plan. We drove half way to WV and met him. My Gosh he was beautiful. He was Sad, Scared, Tired, he fell into my sons arms and stayed there for the long ride home. Home. We had not had Duke Wayne that long. Duke didn't know how to play. Then came Jasper! Duke played! I cried it was just so beautiful. Jasper had his own issues. Fear. Fear of noise, faces, cages, textures of foods, being touched. We worked through them. He began sleeping at my feet. Then one night he started sniffing at my face , he kept laying his head on my face. A half hour later I got a migraine. Jasper did this many times. I told my doctor my dog is giving me migraines . I've been seeing the same Doc for years for the migraines. He asked, could he be letting you know your about to get one? Wow! Study and notes started! I helped save Jasper and now, he helps save me! Jasper somehow has a way of letting me know I need to take my migraine meds. Last three month, none. I'm good for three a week and have the scars on my brain to show for it. I'm not sure whose happy ending this is mine or his? This boy is my baby. He is by my side now and forever. I thank ABTCR and will do all I can to try to somehow get the word out about amazing Coonhounds ! The love Jasper Clarence (named after the Great Sax player Clarence Clemons who passed when we first got Jasper ) gives will never ever be close to everything else he does! He is a great looking boy who goes to the purina rescue rally's with me asking for people to adopt . He really gets attention. People that meet him want a coonhound! They just can't have him because this boy is MINE!!


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