Finn won the East Atlanta Village pet costume contest today! He was Si from Duck Dynasty and was so well behaved with all the dogs and chaos. He had people from all angles taking photographs and even a news camera. We love him dearly, we couldn't have custom ordered a better dog!


30 October 2013

Just wanted you to know all is well and Finn is doing amazing. He and Maddux, our Great Dane, eat in the kitchen together now. They both sit for me to get their food. I stay there with them but they both pick what they want and then walk away. I have not had to lock him in the crate once and he is a super sleeper and has claimed the couch in the side living room as his:) He seems to be really attached to me, which I understand with his world still being confusing. He has been out several times to meet and greet at our neighborhood restaurants and is very well behaved. He is just such a happy, sweet soul and we feel lucky to have him:) Thanks again!


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